Members in our service area are receiving text messages from individuals claiming to be representatives from Jackson Electric stating that they have not paid their bill and are requesting payment.

These individuals are NOT associated with Jackson Electric Cooperative. We will not send out text alerts asking members to pay. If you ever receive a suspicious text message or phone call please don't hesitate to call our office to double check!

Jackson County District - 361-771-4400

Matagorda County District - 979-245-3029

Always be aware that scammers are continually looking to exploit any current situation in order to get your money. Here are some tips to help you spot a scam:

  • Never call a number left in a voicemail, text or email. Instead, call the company directly using the number on the company’s website or your bill and verify if the message came from them.
  • Never give your banking information over the phone on an unknown number. Only pay your bills over the phone when you initiated the call to a number you know is legitimate.
  • If a caller insists that you pay with a gift card, cash reload card, money transfer, or cryptocurrency, it’s a scam.