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Customer Owned Meter Loop/Meter Pole Request and Purchase Agreement  

(Single phase 120/240 volt only)

           All items subject to 6.75% taxes and prices are subject to change without notice


I propose to purchase the following metering equipment and items from JEC:



200-amp meter loop with 200-amp main breaker and 2 double pole positions - 2-#3/0 and 1-#1/0 copper THW in 2" rigid aluminum conduit


                                                                                                $989.00 w/ or w/o pole-includes installation


Price $        989.00          + Taxes of 6.75% $ _66.76_____   Total  Purchase = $_1,055.76___________



Method of Payment:

Credit Card #_______________________   Visa- MasterCard- Discover- American Express

         Check#_______________________     Expiration: ______________



By signature below, I request the above marked meter loop items to be furnished and installed by Jackson Electric Coop, Inc.


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