How to Start or Change Your Service

How to Start or Change Your Service

New Service Requirements:

JEC Application for Service: To receive new electrical service, you must sign an application for service for the particular location you wish to connect. If not a member already, signing this application makes you a member of Jackson Electric Cooperative. A deposit will be required; however, in some cases, the Coop may perform a credit check and decide if a waiver of deposit may be acceptable.  Please direct any questions concerning deposits or billing to our office location closest to you.

County Permit: This permit deals with flood plain issues and is required by Brazoria, Calhoun, Jackson, Lavaca, and Matagorda Counties at no cost to you. We must have this permit to initiate a new service request. Please contact your floodplain administrator for your county.

Easement: If it is necessary to extend a high voltage line to your location, a legal right-of-way easement is required. The property owner(s) must provide us with sufficient information to complete the easement. The minimum information would be a copy of the filed deed with the page and volume readable on the deed. The easement must be signed and notarized prior to construction of new facilities.

Meter Loop: The meter loop must be constructed to flood plain requirements and our specifications and in the ground. The only exception is a signed agreement to purchase a meter loop from Jackson Electric Cooperative and a stake in the ground marking the desired installation point.

Right-of-way Clearing: All clearing must be accomplished prior to any construction. For a high voltage line extension, the path of the line must be cleared fifteen (15) feet on each side of the line (twenty (20) feet for crossarm construction) from ground to sky. For service wire, a 5 foot circle around the path of the conductor is required to be clear of any obstruction.

For more information: Click Here to go to our Initial Contacts page. Listed there are cooperative contacts who can further assist you.


  • All four corners of your property must be clearly marked and lot mowed
  • Lot block and section must be provided
  • Mark the desired area for the service pole/meter loop to go on property
  • New service account must be established in our Jackson Electric Cooperative system.  (In the office, emailed, or faxed)
  • Electrical service permit must be obtained and submitted (see the New Service Checklist on how to obtain a permit).

Once all the criteria above is met, our engineer will meet with you on site and your new service construction will proceed quickly and smoothly (weather permitting)

We appreciate you cooperation!

-Jackson Electric Cooperative's engineering and member services departments


















Optional Forms:

Flood Light Installation Form

Bank Draft Form

Damage Waiver

Additional forms that may need to be filled out with special instruction from the Cooperative:

Disconnect Form 1189

Landlord Connection Authorization Form 8925


Upon completion of the appropriate forms please attach your completed application, along with any other documents required, and send to  One of our representatives will contact you in 2 to 3 business days to discuss fees and finalize your application process.